Always glad to help the ones helping others

We sometimes do a little bit of charity ourselves, trying to help those in need and also give something back to the world. Well, upon meeting the people at AFA we were quite impressed, because they do it on daily bassis. And they do it well.

“Aramis Family Association” (AFA) is a non-profit humanitarian organization, which directs its efforts towards the employees
of the Aramis Group of companies from Baia Mare. The provided services concern the distressed persons and their families,
mainly children and old people.

Following the research period, Argo had reached the conclusion that the institution acts as a social programs facilitator
for those in need, the words which describe the best AFA ideology being human, support, protection,
counselling, reciprocity, care and education.
During the stage of the graphical development of the identity, we aimed to cover all these elements through the bivalence of the generated symbol, consisting in the silhouette of a flying dove and the side face of a kerchief wearing woman. The image suggests the semantic substratum AFA needs to convey to the viewer.
From verbal point of view, the slogan “We lean on each other” comes to further define the idea of reciprocity on which the whole concept is based, through which the employer understands to support his employees by mean of this NOG.
The identity manual developed in the fourth stage of the project, settles the two sides of the identity, which has an internal component, meant to convey to the employees the idea of support, as well as an external one, which place the NOG in relation with other similar institutions operating in parallel. Thus we have created solutions providing both visibility (through the oversized symbol on a monochrome background) and intuitive and defined perspective on the goals of the institution
and the area where it carries out its activity.