Argo Creates The Most Comprehensive Visual Identity Manual of a Romanian Political Formation

PNL is the oldest Romanian political party, with a history stretching from the XIXth century 'till nowadays. Despite intense political activity, at the time the party called for our services in May 2013, the institution was presenting a long series of inconsistencies in the visual communication, both internally and externally.

Following the research phase, we concluded that entire party's communication philosophy must be brought a consensus and that is absolutely necessary to implement a modern, unified and coherent system of visual communication, no matter on what level. An organized system generates order, which in its turn facilitates control on the ways of expression and results eventually in a distinct positioning and a strong attitude. These are vital aspects in the existence and activity of a political organization.
The result was the design of the most comprehensive visual identity manual of a Romanian political formation on
over 300 pages, a work in which we have defined, in turns, notions of verbal identity, the main and secondary elements of the
new visual identity, the logo systems, the color scheme, the official fonts of the institution, the recommended visual
and photographic style and many more.

We further developed the design of the full range of documents required by the activity of the institution, both for internal communication (be it between branches or directly inside them) and the external one, from stationery materials to examples of visual style during election campaigns.