The Epic Cambodian Adventure

Our seventh Asian project was epic. Many of them eventually turn out to be, but this one sounded really challenging from the very start. For we have been comissioned to take care of the visual identity of a very ambitious project, of epic proportions. The biggest VIP venue in Phnom Penh, the most luxurious club in Cambodia and one of the major players of the South Asian dance and music scene. A place for the chosen few, where they can feel treated the very way they deserve. La creme de la creme, with a myriad of cherries on top. Epic architecture, epic sound system, epic services, epic guest list...needless to say the name is, obviously, Epic.
And so it was that we started our journey with an epic research phase on the Asian premium service sector and it`s exclusive clients, an emerging market that everybody dreams of, but very few actually tame. With East and West colliding, Occident and Orient fusioning, traditions taking young shapes, habbits yet to be formed and everlasting trends that seem to
be here and there to last.

We opened our eyes, took advantage of all our knowledge about both continents and it seems that our strong European background and the experience we have gained in Horeca communication over all those years paid off
and blossomed into something...Epic!
We traveled back to the bassics of Asian ancient (and, yes, epic) imagery, stayed within the glorious grounds of European good taste and looked forward into the future of Cambodian rising entertainment culture. The result is an elegant fusion of all these elements that states that Epic is going to be really something to talk about, dream of and be part of a legend.

We would very much like to thank Narcisa, Madalina, Nivit, Faz and everybody in the enthusiastic and visionary Cambodian team, wonderful people with great karma who actually made all of this possible.
And then, of course, we all lived epically ever after!